I am not going to design Cheap Logo Designs for $5 Because it is not Fiverr !

I hate Cheap Logo Designs and Most probably this is the line I have to use daily for quite many times, I have it written and I just copy paste it now. Why? Because Fiverr kind of ruined it for all of us… Let me tell you

Best Free Flat Icons Sets for Web design in 2014

What it is all about? Today I am going to write about Web design trends in 2014 and one of the most important design element of webs design, “The Icons”, there will be huge list of The Best Flat Free Icons sets for web design in 2014. Let’s Talk Web

33 Creative and Stylish Gothic Fonts

For an effective and distinguishing design for printing or web, Typography plays an important role. Stylish font is one the most interesting tactic to make any design look powerful. For this post, we are presenting 33 Creative and Stylish Gothic Fonts. You will surely enjoy watching these fonts. Stylish Gothic

More than 40 Scenic Lake Wallpapers

Lakes are always beautiful to look at. You’ll surely love to have them on your desktops as your wallpapers. This is why we have collected More than 40 Scenic Lake Wallpapers for you. Enjoy watching them on your desktops! Beautiful Lake Wallpaper Can be downloaded in 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050,

30 Brilliantly Colored Sunflower Wallpaper

One of the most beautiful flower present is the Sunflower. This interesting flower changes its face’s direction with the movement of sun. The refreshing yellow color indeed please one’s eyes. So what if we have it on our desktops in the form of wallpapers? Exciting, eh? We

20 Beautiful And Captivating Foggy Pictures

Foggy days are those days when there is an increased amount of dewiness in air. The people who are creative and enjoy capturing photographs of the things that they see with in your environment, then this post is definitely very helpful for those people. Photos are the

More than 35 Fine and Fluffy Fur Textures

Fur is basically referred as the hair present on animals’ bodies. Fur gives an interesting look and is used in fabrics too. The soft and fluffy texture of fur can let your style flaunt with it. We have gathered More than 35 Fine and Fluffy Fur Textures. You can wrap

30 Elegant Designs of Diamond Logo

For the world we are living in, there hardly would be any person who doesn’t like diamonds. If you are to represent something worthy and need a logo, the most intelligent choice would be to mould the structure of diamond into your own way so that the

33 New Collection of Rusted Metal Textures

Rust texture is the best option for grunge-themed designs may be for backgrounds, wallpapers, web or graphics designs. This again is beautiful to be used in designs. We are showcasing 33 New Collection of Rusted Metal Textures. Enjoy! Rusted Metal Flaked Can be downloaded in 2560×1920 pixels. Download Source

More than 30 Creative Face Painting Art Collection

When it comes to artwork and designing, we use to experience many different creative stuff. Also, you do not search for the details most of the times and start expressing your interest in that field. Face art is appreciated and is acknowledged across the globe. Applying paint